Molching is an imaginary location descriptively nestled between existing locations. Reality: Concentration camps contributed to the death of some 6 million Jews inside and outside of Germany, over 50% of Europe’s Jews. The Nazi Party promoted German Pride and anti-Semitism (against Jewish people). It was formed and backed on the basis of Germany’s failure in […]

“No matter how many times she tried to imagine that scene with the yellow light that she knew had been there, she had to struggle to visualize it. She was beaten in the dark, and she had remained there, on a cold, dark kitchen floor.” Liesel subconsciously thought. What author Markus Zusak is doing here […]

“First the colours. Then the humans. That’s usually how I see things. Or at least, how I try.” This is the very beginning of the prologue. I expect that colours are going to be heavily symbolic in The Book Thief either symbolising the key emotions or main groups of people in the story. Based on […]