8th February 2019

Book Thief – Symbols

“First the colours. Then the humans. That’s usually how I see things. Or at least, how I try.” This is the very beginning of the prologue. I expect that colours are going to be heavily symbolic in The Book Thief either symbolising the key emotions or main groups of people in the story. Based on the cover and first page of the book, I believe that The Book Thief is going to be based around World War 2 – due to the Jewish fist fighter referenced in the extract on the back cover. This is because many stories are often based around the Holocaust era where the eradication of Jews was attempted. For this reason I expect red, black and white colours to be symbolic in this story. Red reminds me of blood and therefore injury and pain, it also reminds me of danger as the safety catch on guns are often red. Red may re

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