16th February 2018

Chapter 1 – Gatsby

  1. Nick is introduced. He is supposedly a non judgmental narrator who admires Mr Gatsby, his neighbour.  In chapter one, Nick visits his second cousin once removed,  Daisy, and her partner Tom Buchanans, who is a racist, wealthy ex-footballer and their child. They also meet Daisy’s dainty friend Miss Baker.
  2. Daisy – Witty, gay, lovely, thrilling, sad – this makes me think she has a strong personality and is a fairly positive person.
  3. Tom – Cruel, arrogant, dominance, gruff, husky -these words are all fairly negative and portrays Tom as being a bit of a dick.
  4. Miss Baker – Fluttery, slender, polite, charming, stiff – these words make me think of an dainty, elegant, frail person.
  5. At first impression Nick seems quite nice but as the story continues I don’t think that Nick is a very reliable narrator as he claims to be non judgemental and his language choice (cruel, arrogat, dominancce, gruff, husky) clearly displays his negative judgement of Tom. Hence our narrator is judgmental and not completely honest.

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  1. A good start Jono!

    Can you provide evidence to support some of the points you make above?

    Make sure you upload the rest of your work to the blog so I can give feedback on it for you!


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